60 min 100 min 130 min
¥22,000 ¥32,000 ¥40,000
You can get discount by telling “I saw Tokyo Erotic Guide” for… Over 100 minutes course 2,000 yen OFF!
What is [Aneshinchi]
For the customer, as well as our ladies, we aim to “place the real meaning of trust first”,
We aim to be an excellent Deriheru (health delivery) establishment able to be loved for a long time by customers and our ladies alike.
We will deliver to homes and various hotels in Chiba, Tokyo, and around Funabashi.

We are the perfect deriheru establishment for those men who feel “too young, only cute” or “too much for a married woman or a mature woman”.
We have various types of ladies, but they are all of clean appearance and mostly ladies aged 22-30 who are “adulte + beautiful ・ cute” are enrolled.
In addition, we are committed to details like our ladies’ clothes such as sexually motivating garters, fishnet tights and heels.
Our unique “foam lotion wash” has been well received by customers, and produces the best bath time.

・ Dispatch area
From Funabashi: Funabashi, Nishifunabashi, Ichikawa city, Urayasu city, near Makuhari, Narashino city, Shigagaya city, Yachiyo city,Mihama Ward, Matsudo City, Sakai City, Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba City, Abiko City, Four Highways City, Nagareyama City, Sakura City
We will deliver (dispatch) to homes, business hotels, city hotels and love hotels throughout Tokyo including Edogawa-ku, Sumida-ku, Koto-ku and Katsushika-ku throughout Chiba.

・ Dispatching areas outside the Tokyo area, where transportation expenses are ¥ 5,000 or more, costs of ¥ 1,000 for every 10 minutes will be charged.

Coming soon...

李菜-Rina- (26)
T158 B90 (G) W58 H87

絢那-ayana- (24)
T160 B82 (C) W57 H83

沙良-Sara- (23)
T160 B84 (D) W58 H85

文迦-Fumika- (24)
T166 B88 (E) W58 H86

美鈴-Misuzu- (27)
T160 B84 (D) W57 H88

環奈-Kanna- (22)
T160 B85 (D) W57 H86

円佳-Madoka- (25)
T166 B90 (F) W58 H87

咲良-Sakura- (22)
T166 B83 (C) W57 H85

咲良-Sakura- (22)
T166 B83 (C) W57 H85

美雪-Miyuki- (22)
T159 B85 (D) W57 H85

寧琉-Neru- (23)
T147 B85 (D) W58 H88

真由梨-Mayuri- (25)
T165 B84 (C) W56 H86

桃花-Momoka- (26)
T160 B84 (C) W58 H84

莉笹-Rise- (23)
T161 B82 (C) W55 H83

乙葉-Otoha- (27)
T164 B90 (F) W58 H88

奏良-Sora- (22)
T155 B88 (F) W57 H84

英玲奈-Erena- (23)
T157 B82 (C) W57 H83

伊織-Iori- (28)
T163 B86 (D) W59 H86

夏希-Natsuki- (24)
T164 B82 (C) W0 H0

波瑠-Haru- (22)
T161 B92 (E) W59 H89

恭子-Kyoko- (29)
T163 B98 (G) W59 H87

明咲-Meisa- (26)
T0 B90 (E) W58 H88

月子-Tsukiko- (26)
T160 B84 (D) W57 H86

美琴-Mikoto- (26)
T152 B90 (D) W58 H88

響-Hibiki- (22)
T158 B85 (E) W57 H88

木村真理絵 (24)
T156 B88 (F) W58 H89

洸-Hikaru- (22)
T172 B84 (C) W58 H85

有紀-Yuki- (25)
T157 B83 (C) W57 H84

朋花-Tomoka- (28)
T164 B83 (D) W56 H82

筑紫-Tsukushi- (22)
T158 B82 (C) W56 H83

結衣-Yui- (26)
T165 B107 (I) W59 H88

涼音-Suzune- (27)
T168 B88 (C) W58 H89

莉子-Riko- (26)
T167 B83 (C) W57 H80

一葉-Kazuha- (28)
T162 B82 (C) W57 H86

泉-Izumi- (22)
T163 B84 (C) W59 H85

紫-Yukari- (26)
T170 B84 (C) W58 H83

明咲-Maika- (26)
T0 B90 (E) W58 H88

佳乃-Yoshino- (27)
T169 B86 (D) W56 H84

忍-Shinobu- (28)
T152 B82 (C) W58 H85

亜樹菜-Akina- (26)
T160 B89 (E) W58 H89

飛鳥-Asuka- (25)
T158 B85 (E) W56 H83

亜衣里-Airi- (27)
T147 B86 (F) W56 H84

紅麗-Kurara- (22)
T155 B86 (F) W56 H84

瑠夏-Runa- (28)
T157 B157 (D) W56 H85

有珠-Arisu- (26)
T160 B86 (E) W58 H83

麻衣香-Maika- (25)
T164 B84 (C) W59 H89

笑茉-Ema- (26)
T166 B85 (E) W57 H84

夢-Yume- (28)
T153 B153 (C) W57 H83

麻衣香 (25)
T164 B84 (C) W59 H89

律-Ritsu- (28)
T162 B85 (D) W56 H86

里帆-Riho- (27)
T172 B82 (B) W56 H83

祈-Inori- (27)
T172 B82 (B) W56 H83

芽衣-Mei- (24)
T167 B85 (D) W56 H83

美穂-Miho- (22)
T168 B83 (C) W56 H82

真帆-Maho- (27)
T150 B85 (E) W54 H83

胡桃-Kurumi- (24)
T152 B84 (D) W57 H83

千凪海-Chinami- (22)
T159 B82 (C) W56 H82

有珠-Alice- (26)
T160 B86 (E) W58 H83

里香-Rika- (25)
T158 B85 (D) W57 H85

月森ゆの (25)
T166 B92 (H) W57 H86

友梨恵-Yurie- (24)
T154 B85 (E) W56 H83

亜実歌-Amika- (23)
T157 B81 (C) W57 H84

菖蒲-Ayame- (28)
T161 B90 (G) W57 H88

都-Miyako- (22)
T157 B85 (E) W56 H83

碧衣-Aoi- (27)
T154 B82 (C) W56 H83

莉音-Rion- (22)
T165 B85 (D) W57 H83

京華-Kyoka- (29)
T157 B88 (F) W57 H89

茉優-Mayu- (28)
T155 B83 (D) W56 H82

雛-Hina- (28)
T150 B84 (B) W56 H82

優蘭-Yuran- (24)
T160 B88 (D) W57 H82

哀-Ai- (23)
T159 B85 (D) W56 H83

心愛-Kokona- (26)
T166 B86 (E) W56 H83

楓-Kaede- (26)
T158 B84 (D) W55 H83

梓-Azusa- (22)
T156 B83 (C) W54 H82

希子-Kiko- (27)
T165 B83 (D) W56 H82

若菜-Wakana- (24)
T154 B83 (B) W53 H84

椿-Tsubaki- (22)
T160 B83 (C) W56 H82

真央-Mao- (27)
T157 B82 (C) W56 H81

鈴花-Rinka- (23)
T158 B84 (C) W58 H84

夏目-Natsume- (26)
T158 B83 (D) W57 H85

千雪-Chiyuki- (27)
T154 B82 (C) W55 H84

恵-Megu- (24)
T162 B86 (E) W56 H84

砂羽-Sawa- (24)
T165 B86 (F) W56 H82

野乃香-Nonoka- (25)
T155 B83 (D) W56 H81

亜美-Ami- (24)
T160 B84 (D) W56 H83

充希-Mituki- (22)
T156 B80 (B) W57 H81

咲-Emi- (28)
T161 B83 (C) W56 H84

栞-Shiori- (28)
T162 B88 (F) W57 H85

樹里亜-Juria- (25)
T157 B83 (D) W57 H82

日和-Hiyori- (22)
T153 B85 (F) W57 H83

美千留-Michiru- (24)
T163 B87 (F) W57 H83

穂乃果-Honoka- (23)
T168 B83 (D) W56 H82

秋香-Shuka- (28)
T160 B82 (C) W56 H82

華-Hana- (28)
T161 B81 (C) W56 H81

潤-Jun- (27)
T156 B83 (D) W57 H82

真美-Mami- (25)
T152 B80 (B) W57 H80

桜子-Sakurako- (28)
T158 B83 (C) W56 H81

亜子-Ako- (22)
T163 B83 (C) W57 H81

霞-Kasumi- (27)
T161 B81 (B) W56 H79

雅-Miyabi- (23)
T162 B109 (I) W58 H85

雪奈-Yukina- (27)
T158 B90 (G) W58 H85

公佳-Kimika- (27)
T160 B83 (C) W57 H85

瞳-Hitomi- (26)
T163 B82 (D) W57 H81

珠希-Tamaki- (24)
T170 B89 (E) W57 H85

杏-Anzu- (28)
T151 B85 (E) W55 H83

蓮-Ren- (28)
T164 B84 (C) W57 H85

佳緒-Kao- (24)
T148 B87 (E) W58 H85

葉月-Hazuki- (25)
T148 B83 (C) W57 H82

柚月-Yuzuki- (25)
T166 B84 (C) W57 H83

奈々子-Nanako- (27)
T158 B88 (F) W56 H82

琴音-Kotone- (25)
T161 B84 (E) W56 H81

香耶-Kaya- (23)
T162 B88 (D) W57 H85

紫音-Shion- (29)
T162 B83 (C) W57 H84

麗-Rei- (28)
T161 B86 (D) W57 H86

日真理-Himari- (25)
T152 B81 (B) W56 H83

琥珀-Kohaku- (22)
T163 B81 (C) W57 H81

明奈-Akina- (28)
T162 B83 (B) W57 H84

愛結-Ayu- (26)
T153 B83 (C) W57 H84